Let Us Take The Confusion Out Of Child Support And Spousal Support

Calculating child support or spousal support can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the Ohio support laws. Attorney Susan Suriano is well-versed in these laws. She can guide you through the different factors that may affect your case.

Bringing Ohio Child Support Laws Up To Date

As of March 2019, Ohio law requires the court to follow new child support guidelines. Ohio had not changed its child support laws since 1992. The legislature's goal was to increase the amount of money collected for children by increasing compliance. Additionally, the minimum child support amounts and the table have been adjusted for inflation and current medium incomes. A few other changes include:

  • Equalizing payments for children whose parent pays child support to multiple people
  • Including parenting time in the calculation for support
  • Capping child care expenses
  • Accounting for actual out-of-pocket expenses for the child's health insurance

New support orders will follow these guidelines. Existing child support orders will not automatically change. A county court or child support agency would only change the orders at the request of one of the parents and pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code. If you think your child support order needs to be updated or modified, contact our office for assistance.

When Does Spousal Support Apply In Ohio?

In Ohio, spousal support, referred to as alimony in some states, can be ordered for either spouse during or after a divorce. The court bases spousal support on a set of 14 different factors, and either party can request temporary support while the divorce is in process. The court may issue a permanent support order as part of the final divorce decree. The court considers many factors, including income and the length of the marriage, when determining if spousal support is appropriate. A skilled family law attorney can explain those factors to you.

Ask An Experienced Family Law Attorney Your Support Questions

Susan would be happy to discuss how the child and spousal support laws might affect your divorce case. We work with clients in Columbus and central Ohio, and we offer $100 initial evaluations of your case. Call us today at 614-532-9534 or fill out our online form.