Litigation Is Not Your Only Option

Divorce is a complex and potentially expensive process, and you may not want to put the financial resources, time and effort into a costly court battle. Fortunately, litigation is not the only option available to an Ohio couple seeking to end their marriage. Through alternative dispute resolution, you can terminate your marriage without going to court.

At The Suriano Law Firm LLC, we help couples in Columbus and central Ohio explore the various ways they can approach their situation amicably and cooperatively through options such as mediation or collaborative law. Our lawyer, Susan Suriano, is trained in both alternatives. She can help you reach a resolution that suits your current needs and aligns with your goals for the future.

Which Approach Is Best When Terminating Your Marriage?

Every relationship is different, and if you wish to terminate your marriage out of court, we will carefully evaluate your situation and guide you toward an option that is most suitable for your unique circumstances. Alternative dispute resolution takes two approaches:

  • Through meditation, a neutral third-party mediator will help couples discuss their concerns and reach agreements on all matters related to their divorce. Mediated divorces often take less time to resolve and are less expensive than a court battle.
  • Through collaborative law, a couple will establish their interests and goals and use trained collaborative family law professionals, such as attorneys, a financial neutral and family coach, to help guide couples to a solution-focused result, thereby keeping the decision-making in the hands of the individuals rather than a court.

These dispute resolution methods can allow couples to walk through the dissolution of their marriage in a way that is individualized and solution-based, rather than engage in a lengthy adversarial court process.

Want To Terminate Your Marriage Out Of Court?

If you think alternative dispute resolution is possible in your situation, we can help. Discuss your concerns with our experienced family law attorney by reaching out to our office. You can schedule your initial consultation at 614-532-9534 or complete our online contact form. We charge a minimal fee of $100 for your initial consultation.

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