Collaborative Law: Is It The Right Choice To Terminate Your Marriage?

A stressful courtroom battle between you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse is not the only option to end a marriage. In fact, there are ways that you can avoid the courtroom altogether and have a more amicable dissolution. Through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, you can address your concerns and have more control over the final outcome.

One ADR option that may work best as an alternative to divorce for your unique situation is collaborative law. Collaborative law allows two parties to work together to resolve disputes in a way that is informative, respectful and intentional. This process also includes the expertise and advice from a financial neutral and family coach to reach a final order that works best for your unique family. The Suriano Law Firm LLC assists people in Columbus and central Ohio with collaborative law resolutions.

Questions About Collaborative Law

Instead of fighting an arduous court battle for your desired outcome, collaborative law allows you to solve problems and work together to resolve complex issues. Much like the mediation process, the collaborative law process is a solution-focused effort, yet you do not necessarily have to get along with the other party to make it work. Some questions you may have include:

  • What is collaborative law? Collaborative law is the process of working with another party to resolve disputes and reach a final resolution to terminate your marriage that will be legally enforceable. It involves an interdisciplinary team approach that provides creative and individualized resolutions.
  • Who should choose to collaborate? A couple can opt for collaborative law if they are willing to work respectfully and transparently with the other party to reach mutually acceptable terms. In other words, if the couple seems to be working toward an amicable divorce, they could be good candidates for collaborative divorce.
  • What happens in this process? Each party will have their own attorney to guide and advise them during the process, but the parties engage in this collaboration that is meant to meet the goals and interests of the individual and family as much as possible. A financial neutral assists in providing information related to the parties’ assets, liabilities, budgets and support, while a family coach helps to manage the emotions and stress as parties go through this process. Meetings are conducted privately at the professionals’ offices, and upon resolution, dissolution paperwork is filed with the court to finalize the agreements.

Attorney Susan Suriano has extensive training in collaborative law, and she is uniquely qualified to help you walk through this process, start to finish.

Protecting Your Rights, Fighting For Your Future

Our Ohio lawyer can help you protect your interests during the entire collaborative process. Contact us at 614-532-9534 or reach out online to schedule an evaluation. We charge $100 for the initial evaluation.

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