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Divorce and dissolution can be complicated on multiple levels

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Divorce |

The process of getting divorced can no doubt be overwhelming. On top of balancing the emotions that come with divorce and dissolution, people must navigate the financial aspect of this complex process. However, a few tips may help to make the divorce process easier for individuals to navigate in Ohio.

First, it is critical for spouses to know where they are financially prior to breaking up. This involves poring over tax returns as well as insurance policy documents and retirement policies. It also involves creating a detailed list of debts and assets that both parties have so that they can determine how best to split them.

In addition, it would behoove those going through divorce to try to keep their feelings out of the process. Instead of viewing divorce decisions through an emotional lens, it is wise to view divorce as another business transaction. The reason for this is that the decisions they make during divorce can affect their lives and their children’s lives. The more rationally they approach their divorce matters, like asset division, the greater their chances of experiencing positive long-term outcomes.

If possible, two divorcing individuals may benefit from going through the divorce mediation process rather than going through divorce litigation. Mediation tends to be less stressful and less costly than going to trial, and it is also less time consuming. An attorney can help those going through divorce and dissolution to navigate the mediation process with confidence when dealing with matters like property division, spousal maintenance and child custody in Ohio.