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When Do Grandparents Have Custody Or Visitation Rights?

Grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren. In some cases, grandparents have to step in and seek custody for various reasons to protect the well-being of their grandchildren. In other situations, grandparents can seek court-ordered visitation with their grandchildren. At Greco Law, we help Columbus and central Ohio families navigate through complex custody issues and pursue legal steps necessary for the best interests of the youngest members of the family.

We Can Help You Address Complex Custody Concerns

There are various situations that make it appropriate for grandparents to pursue child custody, but it is not always easy for extended family members to seek custody. Ohio considers grandparents as any other third party seeking custody of a child. So, a court will consider the suitability of a parent first and then consider the best interests of the child before granting custody to grandparents or any extended family member. Our lawyer helps grandparents understand their rights and move forward with the most appropriate course of action for their families.

Discuss Your Concerns In Person

Discuss your custody and visitation concerns in person with Columbus family law attorneys who truly care about grandparents’ rights and the rights of other relatives. We provide initial evaluations, and during your meeting, you can get the answers and information you need regarding your rights and options. Contact Greco Law at 614-963-9154 or reach out online to schedule an appointment.