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Local Assistance With International Divorce And Family Law Issues

Family-related legal challenges such as divorce, child custody and asset division become even more complex when international jurisdictions are involved. The best way to resolve matters time- and cost-efficiently while safeguarding your rights is to work with skilled international family law attorneys.

Since 1993, Greco Law has represented the people of Franklin County and the surrounding communities of Ohio in complex international family law matters. Our six attorneys have experience handling complex, high-asset divorces and other family concerns that involve domestic and international law.

Our attorneys speak Korean and Spanish.

The Experience To Resolve Family Conflicts Across Nations

There is simply no substitute for the level of experience that we have developed by practicing international family law for over 30 years. We have seen a broad spectrum of complex legal situations. Many of our clients’ circumstances have involved:

  • Citizenship to a foreign nation
  • A business located in a foreign country
  • Substantial assets in a foreign country
  • Relocation outside of the United States

We can help you resolve issues such as:

  • Divorce and dissolution
  • Asset and debt division
  • Complex financial issues
  • Business and divorce
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony)
  • International relocation
  • Child custody and parenting time
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Traditional litigation

Our firm has a roster of experts and specialists with whom our lawyers regularly collaborate. These experts can provide supplementary evidence and testimony for your side of the case.

How Does International Divorce Work? What About My Assets?

One of the most common questions that prospective clients have is how to handle their divorce if they married in a foreign country or if at least one spouse is a foreign national. In most cases, if you and your spouse got married overseas, one or both of you must live in Ohio for at least six consecutive months before filing for divorce.

Locating and recovering assets in foreign jurisdictions is no mean feat, but we are up to it. Our asset division lawyers have successfully recovered substantial assets that our clients’ spouses tried to hide in far-fling accounts or shell companies overseas. At our fingertips are several acclaimed forensic accountants and other experts who can help with your case.

When Child Custody Disputes Span The Globe

When one parent resides in the U.S. and the other resides in or regularly travels to a foreign nation, child custody and parenting schedules become very difficult. For example, some parents try to take a child abroad and file for custody there with the intention that a foreign court will oversee the case.

Our child custody and visitation attorneys are well-versed in the Hague Convention, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) and other laws that apply to international custody matters, including international relocation with a child. We strive to protect your rights as a parent while also doing what serves your child’s best interests – and navigating often-heated emotions in the process.

Fast, Aggressive Responses To International Child Abduction

International child abduction is a terrifying nightmare for any parent. In an international, high-conflict divorce, it occurs more regularly than you might think. Our lawyers understand these crises and know the steps to take to bring your children home safely as fast as possible.

Do you plan on moving abroad with your child? Do not do so without consulting an international family lawyer. Taking a child overseas without their other parent’s consent or a court order could result in allegations of international child abduction. If you face accusations of abduction for bringing your child on a trip overseas, we can also represent you and defend your parental rights.

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