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Divorce proceedings often the result of financial conflict

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Divorce |

Money remains the top thing that married couples argue about. For this reason, it may not come as a surprise that conflicts related to money are often a reason why people decide to divorce. Here is a look at a couple of money-related issues in particular that are causing many couples in Ohio to break up.

First, some couples end up fighting over debt. For instance, perhaps one spouse had spent several years paying down debt on a credit card prior to getting married, while the other party racked up a large amount of debt in a short time during the marriage. The conflict that this causes can easily cause stress and v lead to divorce proceedings.

In addition, the financial infidelity of one spouse can have a devastating impact on the other party’s trust in him or her. An example of this type of infidelity is having a secret bank account, having undisclosed debt, having a gambling addiction or hiding purchases. In many cases, financial infidelity stems from an emotional problem that the couple may be able to address with the help of a counselor.

When people fight over money during their marriage, they may naturally do the same thing during divorce proceedings. However, if they are able to find common ground regarding how they will split their marital assets and debt, they can avoid the time and expense of a courtroom battle. An attorney in Ohio can help a person who is going through divorce to fight for a fair yet personally favorable outcome when tackling property division with his or her spouse.