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Personal property can have a major impact on complex divorces

On Behalf of | May 1, 2024 | High-Asset Divorce |

Complex divorces that feature more valuable marital estates and higher levels of household income than usual often take a long time to settle. Those with few assets can divide them quickly, but those with more marital property may find that they have more to disagree about as they prepare to divorce.

Spouses often find it very difficult to address the division of their assets when they have enjoyed a relatively comfortable standard of living throughout their marriage. Complex divorces may involve a number of valuable assets that prompt intense disputes between the spouses. Real estate, investment accounts, retirement savings and vehicles are among the resources that spouses me fight over when they divorce. People want to ensure they receive their fair share of the highest-value marital assets.

Often, couples overlook personal property when setting goals for property division proceedings. After all, neither spouse wants the other’s wardrobe or collectibles. Despite how dismissive people may be about it, personal property can be worth tens of thousands of dollars or more in a high-asset divorce.

What items are someone’s personal property?

The assets that someone collects throughout their life can be quite valuable. Personal property includes items ranging from furniture and collectibles to clothing and jewelry. Works of fine art, sports equipment and hobby supplies may all be personal property. Spouses preparing for complex divorces often need to ensure that financial disclosures include all relevant personal property.

Actually seeking possession of someone’s fishing equipment or handbag collection may not be the goal. Instead, identifying and properly valuing personal property during a divorce can help people push for appropriate asset distribution terms. The overall value of someone’s personal assets could have a significant impact on the division of their marital assets and debts.

In cases involving particularly extensive personal holdings or uniquely high-value assets, like fine art collections, professional assistance may be necessary to properly value a spouse’s personal holdings. Particularly when people acquire their resources during marriage, their value can affect other economic matters during the divorce.

Accounting for all assets acquired using marital income is important for those preparing the property division process, especially when anticipating a high-asset divorce. Those who understand that personal property could affect other property division matters may see the value in being very thorough about reviewing their finances and conducting property valuations accordingly.