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Resolving Complex Financial Disputes And Other Issues

As assets, investments and business interests grow and change with the times, your financial needs will become more complicated than ever. This is particularly true for nontangible funds, funds held out of the country, and electronic cryptocurrencies. When your legal and financial needs intersect in a divorce, work with an aggressive attorney who takes the long view of your financial health.

Greco Law is an adaptive, highly capable law firm with a history of working with high-asset, high-conflict divorce cases. Our approach to the law is detail-oriented, exacting and effective. Your interests are our interests, and we are ready to get down to business on your behalf. Reach us at our Columbus office at 614-963-9154.

Pursuing Financial Excellence For Our Clients

Our firm offers substantial guidance to individuals and businesses with complex assets and holdings such as restricted stock units, foreign bank accounts, closely held businesses and deferred compensation plans. We leverage extensive legal knowledge with vigorous representation to:

  • Assist with valuation and appraisals of property including businesses, real estate and investments
  • Partnering with financial experts to manage and appropriately maintain your portfolio’s legal needs
  • Leverage forensic accounting to uncover financial misconduct

Our office also works with individuals to determine their additional considerations during property division, including the significant and complex tax burdens that may be involved. We work with you during division to determine how to make the most out of your divorce settlement while staying within your means regarding the year’s taxes and forthcoming taxes.

A Strong Support For Your Financial Growth

There is no such thing as too much preparation, particularly when it comes to your finances. Take the time to speak with our attorneys about your portfolio, and learn how we can help you find a legal plan that facilitates your wealth management needs.