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Modification Of Child Support, Child Custody And More

An unfair or poorly conceived family law order can negatively impact your family for years. Then there are older orders that made sense at the time but, due to changed circumstances, are no longer practical or appropriate. Whatever the reason to seek a post-decree modification – or oppose a change – experienced legal representation can help you assert your viewpoint and reach a better outcome.

Greco Law serves Columbus and central Ohio. Our results-driven attorneys focus exclusively on family law in order to give you the best possible representation in this highly personal and important legal area.

For Every Modification, You Need An Experienced Attorney’s Help

Our firm can represent you and your children’s interests in proposed modifications to child support, child custody and spousal support (alimony). Reasons to seek changes to one of these orders can include:

  • A positive change in income or job loss
  • A parent moving out of state
  • A new job for someone receiving alimony

We have a variety of methods at our disposal to help you reach an agreement, but we are skilled courtroom advocates who do not shy away from litigation. With Greco Law, you will get a professional team that understands the great responsibility you have given us. We will work tenaciously to live up to your expectations.

Discuss Modifications With A Knowledgeable Lawyer

If you are involved in a possible post-decree modification of a family law order, contact our office online or call 614-963-9154 to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. We provide initial consultations.