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Property Division For Couples With Significant Assets

Divorcing is rarely simple, but it can become especially complex when you and your spouse own substantial assets. After years of marriage, you each deserve an equitable share of the wealth. But you may struggle to know exactly what you are entitled to or even how many assets you own.

Greco Law assists high net worth individuals going through divorce by ensuring they receive their rightful share of the assets. We focus our practice exclusively on divorce and family law. We have helped numerous clients in Columbus and across central Ohio untangle their marital wealth and reach an acceptable outcome.

Dependable Experience With Complex Property Division

Division of complex assets requires careful preparation and experienced negotiation skills. We capably negotiate the division of valuable, sophisticated assets like retirement accounts, investments and ownership shares in a business. We carefully investigate your wealth to identify all pieces of marital property, including assets your spouse might be trying to hide. We determine the accurate value of each asset, so you know exactly what you are entitled to. Finally, we will help you enforce a prenuptial agreement if you have one.

Our firm makes sure that your rights are respected. If out-of-court options like negotiations are not a viable option, we will go to court and argue before the judge, using a persuasive argument based on the facts and the law. Thanks to Greco Law, you will enter the next phase of your life with financial stability and a fair portion of the wealth your contributions helped to create.

Learn How We Protect Your Investments From An Unfair Property Settlement

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