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Helping You Put An End To Parental Alienation

You likely have heard the term “parental alienation” because it is every parent’s worst fear: your ex turning your child against you or preventing you from being a part of their life. If your fears are coming true, you need to find an attorney who can preserve your parent-child relationship and ensure your legal rights.

At Greco Law, our attorneys are experienced, aggressive advocates for parents across Ohio. After working with many families in highly contentious child custody and parental alienation disputes, our family law attorneys are equipped with the tools, techniques and tactics that can keep you in your child’s life. We are here for you; just call 614-963-9154.

The Lasting Damage Of Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is a type of psychological abuse where one parent systematically isolates a child and convinces them that their other parent is “bad,” unloving or not worthy of being around. This can do serious, lasting damage to the child, their ability to trust and, of course, to their relationship with their parent. Courts take this allegation very seriously, but it can be a difficult allegation to prove legally.

Our firm works with psychologists and other experts to illustrate the severe situation you experience. After determining that parental alienation is at play, our team of professionals uses evidence, testimony and legal strategy to demonstrate the need for court intervention.

There Is No Time To Waste

Time is of the essence and delaying appropriate action can have devastating effects. We can take the initiative and begin your case today. To schedule an appointment with one of our vigorous and attentive attorneys, you can call our Columbus-area office at 614-963-9154 or send our team a message online.